The following are answers to some questions that are often asked regarding submitting a film to the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. If you have any further questions, please email festival [at] vconline [dot] org.

Q1. Why should I submit my film to the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival?

The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival is the largest film festival in the Greater Los Angeles and Southern California area dedicated to showcasing films by and about Asians and Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders around the world. If invited, your film will be seen by one of the most sophisticated, enthusiastic and appreciative audiences in the nation, as well as by many festival programmers, and many executives and professionals from the local mainstream entertainment industry.

The Film Festival has presented to its audiences the works of many influential and award-winning Asian Pacific filmmakers including Lino Brocka, Tony Bui, Christine Choy, Arthur Dong, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Ravi Kapoor, Stanley Kwan, Ang Lee, Justin Lin, Freida Lee Mock, Park Kwang-su, Renee Tajima-Peña, Chris Tashima, Ham Tran, Taika Waititi, Wayne Wang, Wong Fu Productions, Wong Kar-wai, Alice Wu, and Jessica Yu, among others. It also provides an opportunity for filmmakers to participate in the most exciting gathering for the Asian American film community and to develop relationships that may well turn into fruitful collaborations.

Q2. What kinds of works do you consider for inclusion into the Film Festival program?

The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival accepts feature-length narrative and documentary films; and short narrative and documentary films. All genres are welcome.

Additionally, the Film Festival welcomes site-specific and transmedia productions, including, but not limited to: multi-episodic web series, multi-channel digital, video, and installation productions, online exhibitions, cross-platform productions, image-mapping projections, and virtual and augmented-reality experiences. Detailed proposals and exhibition requirements will be REQUIRED to accompany all transmedia submissions. Please refer to the submission guidelines at and for further details on submission and presentation requirements.

Q3. Can I submit my film entry by mail? Can I submit a DVD screener?

The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival has in recent years accelerated a policy of environmental responsibility in issuing and receiving submission and promotional materials for the Film Festival. Subsequently, the Film Festival requires all submissions materials to be delivered electronically, including press and production materials and preview screening copies of the submitted work.

Q4. Are work-in-progress submissions accepted?

Yes, we accept work-in-progress entries for preview purposes only (not for exhibition). Though we prefer to evaluate entries that are as complete as possible, our screening committee will take into account the unfinished state of a submission as it makes its decision. Be sure to indicate on your preview screener the status of the film (i.e., rough cut, fine cut, picture lock, etc.) and specify what elements are still incomplete (i.e., temp sound, color correction needed, etc.). That said, it is in your best interest to submit a version that is as close to completion as possible.

IMPORTANT: If your work-in-progress submission is accepted, you must be prepared to deliver a completed version in time for its Festival Week 2018 screening.

Q5. Can I re-submit a film that was not accepted the previous year?

Yes. Decisions to accept or not accept a film each year are based on programmatic considerations specific to that year, and it is not unheard of for a film that was not accepted one year to be accepted the following year. If your submission was not accepted the previous year but you feel that you have since improved it significantly, you may very well consider submitting it again.

Q6. I’m an Asian / Asian American filmmaker, but my film has no Asian characters / subjects in it. What are the chances of my film being accepted?

The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival is interested in both showcasing Asian American & Pacific Islander stories, and supporting the works of Asian American & Pacific Islander filmmakers. Toward these ends, the Festival presents films made by Asian American filmmakers that have no Asian content, as well as works made by non-Asian American makers that document the Asian American experience.

Q7. Do you have any premiere status requirements?

We generally prefer at least a Los Angeles premiere, especially for feature-length films. Exceptions can be made, but for obvious reasons we endeavor to showcase films that have yet to be seen in the Greater Los Angeles and Southern California area.

The Festival presents many world premieres, North American premieres and U.S. premieres, but these are not required. We are not interested in taking away opportunities for your film to be screened in other cities.

Q8. Is running time a consideration in the selection process? (Is it possible for my short film to be too long, for instance?)

Yes and no. Many filmmakers, particularly those of shorts films, feel that at 30 or 40 minutes their films are a bit too long in the shorts category but not long enough to qualify as features. At the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival we consider all works 40 minutes and longer to be features. Anything shorter than 40 minutes is a short film, and there are two possibilities for a short film to be showcased at the Film Festival: 1) in a shorts program, or 2) preceding a feature film. Film selection is not done in a vacuum but in the context of finite time per program, so running time is one of many factors that are considered when we compare your work with others.

But at the end of the day, the most important factor is whether the running time is warranted for each film. We are not as concerned with the actual running time of the film as we are with how effectively that time is used.

Q9. I’m a poor student/starving artist and I spent all of my money on producing the film. Can you waive my entry free?

Unfortunately, no. We understand the severe financial restrictions among many of our entrants. As a non-profit organization, we also operate under severe limitations on resources, and the entry fees help in allowing us to produce the best possible showcase for the films. We encourage all entrants to submit by the early deadline.

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