Meet a VC Summer '17 Intern: Dana Lim

Summertime is usually an exciting time for Visual Communications (VC), as we bring aboard students from different schools to be part of the VC Family. Learn more about our VC Development and Communications Intern Dana Lim, and what she's been working on with us these past few months.

Tell me about yourself.
DANA: I’m Dana, I go to Occidental College, and I’m going to be entering my 4th year as a Comparative Studies and Literature and Culture Major. I’m currently the Development and Communications Intern at Visual Communications. I’m from Honolulu, Hawaii.

What do you do here at VC?
My focus mainly is to help with the development aspect of the company. What that entails is mostly writing grant proposals for different government grants, corporations, or foundations. I also research other sources of funding and partners to work with. I also write reports - usually when you get a grant, you have to submit a recap of what happened with the project to finalize the funding, because usually grants don’t give you all of the money right away. Most of it is narrative writing and research, making sure that I understand each program fully and how it coordinates with VC’s mission.

Is there any aspect of what you’re doing right now that you particularly enjoy?
I think what’s cool is that right before I got this internship, I was working on my own personal grant for an independent research project. I came into the position thinking, “Oh I’ve had experience with this before.” But it's different when you’re writing for an organization. There’s more paperwork, materials to fill out, and each website is different, so you have to start from scratch all over again. It’s cool because I’m learning how to be an arts facilitator/administrator.  A lot of artists have many projects that they would like to work on but simply lack funding. It’s really fulfilling for me to be writing these proposals because I’m helping these artists create these projects that they want to do. It’s impactful in my eyes.

Would you like to go into the arts career as an arts administrator?
Yes, definitely. From this experience, there is no way that I won’t be involved in the arts in the future. I think that this internship has shown me that I have a lot more to learn and if I want to pursue this career, I would need to have a lot more training in writing. At the same time, I also consider myself an artist. I am a photographer, so at the end of all of this, I think that I will have all the tools to do everything myself. If there’s a project I would like to do, I know where to find grants and I can utilize my own artistic skills as well. We’ll see. Anything’s possible.

What has been your favorite memory at Visual Communications?
I’ll never forget the time when we had to put a jigsaw puzzle together. I think it was either our first or second week. We were just trying to get to know each other at the time, and we were thrust into this exercise of putting a puzzle together using different senses. One person was blindfolded (couldn't see), another person had headphones on (couldn't hear), another person couldn't speak, and the last person couldn't touch the pieces. It was a super cool team building experience in using communication skills. Another good memory was when we did the Kizuna Living Room Screening. That was really fun because it was a manifestation of what we were all working on in terms of creating a space for filmmakers. To watch all the different shorts and meet the artists was really fulfilling.